Wednesday, February 4, 2009

More Trust Issues with the Builder

Our Land finally settled on the 27th of January 2009. Hooray! 2 days later we received another suprise from the builder. Our "flat" block needs 43 meters of Stone Link retaining walls as the Stone is a covenant requirement and the Surveyor has advised us so.

We couldn't believe it. Our block is flat with approximately a 20cm gradient across it from left to right. Again - this was quoted at approximately $20k for the retaining walls. I really dont think we'll be going through the builder for this one! As the wall only needs to be between 20-40cm high we will just build it ourselves for under $3k. Argh - there goes our saving from only needing a S-Class slab! If anyone can offer some advice on the best way to build it - please do!

In the meantime the estate is coming along nicely. There is bitument down now and a few street trees and the street lamps have been installed. It's starting to look pretty cosy now! The pics are from mid Jan 09 - (Excuse the quality, it's taken on the "amazing" iPhone!)

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