Saturday, February 21, 2009

Tiles - Who needs them?

Today we had our appointment booked with Beaumont Tiles to hopefully choose our tiles for the bathrooms, shower and laundry areas as these are all included with the builder. Now of course what is standard is absolute rubbish and would maybe, just maybe be selected in a house 200 years old.

We had visited Beaumont Tiles several times before in hope that we could be prepared and just point out all of our choices come the actual decision making time. As mentioned before, ANYTHING that is even passable as a modern tile is extra cost, and if you want a porcelain modern tile - well apparently that isn't even allowed with Plantation!!

We were shocked, according to the sheet which Beaumont provides which states what the customer is allowed to choose, Porcelain tiles AREN'T actually allowed. How can this be? We had picked our tiles thinking that because the display homes have Porcelain tiles all throughout that surely this wouldn't be a problem. We definately know it's possible, but this is just ridiculous. We had to kindly appologise to our consultant and let her know that we had to talk to our builder first as we refuse to sign contracts if we cant have Porcelain tiles.

Yes we are happy to pay the extra costs associated with them, but to simply refuse the customer to have Porcelain at all when all of their display homes include them?? Hey!??

Overall choosing tiles has been the worst experience in the process of building so far. We really did try to find tiles in their standard and gold ranges but there just isn't anything half decent. It's quite sad and we were very disappointed after today :(

Ah well hopefully a call to the builder first thing Monday can sort this out!

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  1. Hope you managed to get your Tile issues sorted out. I am building with M3tricon in Brisbane and they allow up to 600*600 porcelain (upgrade cost). I have a mate that built with Plantaion and he got his own tiler to tile the main the floors, maybe that is an option. I am following your blog, maybe you would like to follow mine at