Thursday, January 15, 2009

Never Trust the Builder!

Well after getting angry with the Developer for "alledgedly" not telling us there was fill (when there wasn't) we then contacted the people who did the soil test directly - explaining to them that there can't possibly be any fill on the block and I gave them compaction reports for the blocks around me that DID have fill. Our block didn't have fill - therefore didn't have a compaction certificate.

They agreed to retest the soil and like magic our soil test didn't just not require piering any more - it actually came back as a S-Class Slab!! We just saved ourselves $4k! :D

It got us thinking that if we never kicked up a stink in the first place, the builder would have conned us into spending $20k more on something that was never required in the first place! I guess at least its worked out in the end though.

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