Monday, February 9, 2009

New Home Proposal - Signed! Only 3 weeks left until Contracts!

Today was the appointment with the Builder at their Head Office to go over the entire final quote and basically present a draft of what will be comprised in the final contract. The appointment went for over 3 hours but was extremely thorough.

We did make a few nice little changes to the NHP on the spot such as double 920mm entry doors, a freestanding bath in the ensuite and a few extra's like an additional tap where the drains will be etc. The whole experience was very pleasant and there really wasn't anything the customer consultant wasn't willing to try and make happen for us. We initially thought the double entry doors and freestanding bath couldn't be had in our design but thankfully after a quick trip to drafting they confirmed that would could indeed have both. How exciting! :)

We signed the final NHP and paid a further deposit which has locked us in to sign the final contract on the 3rd of March. We also have our colour consultation straight after the contract which means a full day at the Head Office again. We have a pretty fair idea of what colours we want, but inbetween all of the arguments we still cant agree lol. But we're getting close! Apparently we can still make minor changes on the day of the contract but I think the only changes I'll be making is to get provisions for us to use our own cablers (for data comms) and home theatre etc.

Aparently we also have a wonderful 14 week wait to get through Brisbane Council approval. Unfortunately it's due to the boundry relaxtion, site setback relaxtion and building over a sewer line. All of these add up to the extra long wait. I cant believe it's just going to sit on someones desk for over 3 months while all we get in return is more weeds on our block! hehe

Overall dealing with the Sales people and the Customer Consultants has been a real pleasure with Plantation - I can only hope now that the Site Supervisor will continue this tradition!

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