Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Building the Havana with Plantation

After choosing our block we had the task of choosing our builder. There are some really awesome Builder Display Villages around Brisbane and the Gold Coast but honestly in terms of base price and getting what we wanted the only builder we found was Plantation Homes (aka Henley).

Especially with their Summer Sale - we just couldn't better their price with any other builder. Just be warned, don't make too many changes from base price and try and do as much as you can afterwards as some of their options are ridiculously expensive!!

For example $37k to render the place when we have gotten a quote seperately for under $12k including painting! Thats a 3x markup. Bast4rds!!

So far they have been exceptional though. They call once a week to let us know the progress and so far we are just waiting for contracts. Their display centre where you can choose the finishings, colours and interior options is fantastic and visiting it early really has given us a chance to choose our colours and styles well in advance.

Here's the house and plans - with the exception of the WIR which we have upgrade to be 2.5x bigger to make a proper dressing room! The Living Room will become the Theatre Room and the Theatre Room will be the Rumpus Room.


  1. In relation to rendering the place, what company did you suse. We have selected Plantation also but beleive that some of their option prices are ridiculous.

  2. Thanks heaps for your post its very encouraging to read after seeing so many negative posts about Planation aka Henley. My partner and I are also building the Havana