Friday, December 12, 2008

New Land in the City?

Well, this is it - our Blog! My name is Peter and my partner in crime - her name is Kassandra. I work as an IT Contractor in Brisbane and thought that despite all the doom and gloom of the evil recession monster, we should look for our own place to live in and give a shot at suburbian life!

We currently live in the city, and where I live it is a 200m walk to work and Kassandra works about a 10 minute walk away. Yes, VERY VERY convienient and frankly it's been an absolute blast living here!

Still... it is time to grow up (We are both 24) so we've decided to build in what we have classified "the sticks", because really anything more then 2km from the CBD is considered far from us and means we have to use good ol public transport or the car. Yes, we're soft but we thought we'd toughen up and venture out a bit :)

Even though it is a big change in lifestyle for us we weren't prepared to live further then approx 10km from the CBD. We know this kind of limited our choice of land/demolished blocks to prebuilt areas and didn't really think there could be new developments or estates.

To our surprise there wasn't just one new estate but two! They were situated right next to each other in a suburb called Mitchelton. I've never heard of this suburb "Mitchelton" before and had kind of ruled it off as being way to far out, but on further investigation we realised how unique this development was. It was surrounded by protected bushland and best of all it was only 8km to the CBD! We couldn't believe it! Within 1 week of seeing it we had a contract signed and picked the Lot we wanted. All of this happened in the first week of December 08.

Now the special part of this estate is there is a farm, yes a real farm with animals about 50m down the road from our block. There are a few horses and other animals there so it really does give the feel that you could be 100km from the CBD and not just 8km! Apparently if we ever decide or want to get a horse we can keep it at the farm. No we aren't planning too - just in case hehe ;)

Thankfully the block has already been titled and construction of the estate is meant to finish by the start of Feb 09!

Our Block! Yay!

Facing the street and to the trees

Facing the Farm with the Horsies! (Yes we really are only 8km to the CBD!)

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