Monday, March 30, 2009

Electricals! Upgrades! More costs! Yay!

It's nearing a month now since we happily signed our lives over to Plantation and even still all the little choices left to make are still a major hassle. We had our electrical appointment two weeks later and wow..... I wish I had become an electrician.

All the upgrades we chose came to almost $12k! Mind you this is for like 80 light fittings (not even the downlights just yet! We're fitting those afterwards), heaps of dimmers, 2-ways, extra circuits, outdoor lighting etc. One thing that I cant wait to see is the upgraded faceplates we chose for some of the main light switches! They are the Clipsal Saturns with LED rings. They pretty much have a ring of light when they aren't on so you can see them which turns off when the light is on. You can set this to turn on when the light is on as well and are really futuristic type upgrade :)

After we finalised our electricals we finally received our Post Contract Variation. This was astonishing. Depsite all of our "little" changes it only came in at $2700! We were expecting close to $10k so we finally had the first bit of good news - financially - so far! In light of this sudden stroke of luck with Plantation we have decided to upgrade the Kitchen Bench to 40mm with waterfall edges on boths sides hehe. How can we resist now! So unless this costs $7k or less we will be happy :)

Still waiting for council approval in the meantime - Plantation use a private certifier which SHOULD make things quicker but it doesn't. Plus its impossible to get updates from the certifier in the meantime. Recently we were also given a timeline as to what happens after get approval and it can still be a few months before we even have a start date!! Needless to say that didn't go down to well, but hopefully it wont come to that.


  1. Hi Guys,
    yep you go to these appointments and POW your a sucker LOL we spent 10 grand extra as well on nick nacks like speakers,music hub ect
    i think its the quick sell that all ways dose it

  2. Hi Mate

    Good blog. We have just given plantation homes our $1k deposit so we are just starting out now. We are building the Oasis. Thanks for your going through your experiences. I had a couple of questions for you regarding the house.
    1. you mentioned using a separate data contractor and AV guy. How did plantation homes react to this and did they give it the go ahead?
    I want to get cat 5 cabling from every room to the garage etc and realize it will be cheaper to get it done externally
    2. With electrical did they give you an option about home automation at all? like C bus install?


  3. Hello cousin Peter! (Lol- I'm a Williams too but pretty sure we're not related) Nice blog. Your house is going to be absolutely deluxe. We are building in VIC with Henley so we enjoy sticky beaking at Plantation/Henley jobs. Good luck with it all :-)

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  5. I am not sure whether you read this three years on but I am very interested in asking you a few questions. I am posting a blog of my own to get opinions so if you do read this, I am keen to ask some questions specifically on electrical - thanks :)

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